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ASM's Toy Fair 2007 Coverage

Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific will continue the Dragonball-Z line in 2007, with figures released in a variety of sizes. Check out our Dragonball Z gallery!

Speaking of continuing lines, Pokemon is still going strong! The big line is Diamond Pearl, but we'll also see Rev Up Racers, Battle Dome Playset, Combat Arena, and a variety of games! Take a look for yourself in our Pokemon gallery!

Following up on several series in 2006, we have a continuation of the Rocky line. Featuring characters from the movies, Jakks Pacific is also putting out boxing gloves and a championship belt. Check them out in our Rocky gallery!

Finally, Jakks Pacific is bringing out more figures based on WWE Wrestling. You too can stage your own fights in the comfort of your own home. Check these out in our WWE Wrestling gallery!

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