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ASM's Toy Fair 2007

Mattel Girls

Barbie is a perennial favorite for girls of all ages, and 2007 continues to bring variety to the popular doll line. With sublines such as The Island Princess, Fashion Fever, Rebelde, Chat divas, and High School Musical, there's a Barbie that's just right for you! Check out our Barbie gallery!

Next, we have Beauty Cuties, dolls with larger-than-life heads, perfect for styling! They also include makeup that you can use! See them in our Beauty Cuties gallery!

Mattel has given young girls characters from Disney movies in the past. This year, they're bringing you Disney Princesses, featuring your favorite princesses from past movies -- and also from Enchanted, a new animated/live-action romantic comedy. See the pics in our Disney Princesses gallery!

Finally, Mattel brings more of the Winx Club line. These teenage magical fairies must defend the universe from the Senior Witches, and you can help! Check out our Winx Club gallery!

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