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ASM's Toy Fair 2007 Coverage


Mattel starts out with more toys based in Disney/Pixar's Cars movie -- we've got motorized cars, small vehicles, large cars -- heck, let's just say it's all cars. Except for that helicopter. Check out our Cars gallery | Part 2!

Next, we have toys based on cartons from Cartoon Network. Don't worry, nation -- I see no Mooninites. Take a look in our Cartoon Network gallery | Part 2!

Next we have Funkeys. To be honest, I have no idea what these are. They look like little cartoony figures of animals with lots of personality. Check them out in our Funkeys gallery | Part 2!

Continuing on, we have Naruto the popular anime based on ninjas. It premiered on Cartoon Network in 2005 and is still going strong. Check out our Naruto gallery | Part 2!

Ratatouille is the next Disney/Pixar movie, scheduled to premiere Summer 2007. It features Remy the rat who lives in Paris and wants to become a chef. Of course, most restaurant patrons despie rats.... Check out our Ratatouille gallery | Part 2!

When I first saw that Mattel was brining out DC SuperFriends, I immediatelyt thought back to my childhood. Oh, how many afternoons did I spend watching "SuperFriends" on TV? Well, these are not them. Nope, these are small, cartoonish versions of DC superheroes perfect for your pint-size crime fighter. See them in our DC SuperFriends gallery | Part 2!

In addition to the DC SuperFriends line, Mattel bringing us DC SuperHeroes. You've seen figures of this style for a long time, and Mattel keeps brining the goods. We'll see figures from Superman, Justice League, Batman and more. Take a look in our DC SuperHeroes gallery!

The Batman reinvented the animated adventures of the Caped Crusader, and 2007 will bring us more figures based on this show. Check them out in our The Batman gallery!

Fighting figure games have made a big splash in the toy world, so Mattel is brining us Battleague! Take your favorite DC characters, make exaggerated yet tiny figures of them with weapons, and fight it out with your friends. What could be better? Check them out in our Battleague gallery!

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