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ASM's Toy Fair 2007 Coverage

Sideshow Collectibles

Still popular years after its release, Star Wars is getting a huge amount of product from Sideshow, and not just statues. Remember Dejarik, that chess-style game from Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope? Well, now you can own it! Look in our Star Wars gallery!

Speaking of still popular years after its release, Lord of the Rings still captivates the young and old. The movies only enhanced Tolkien's words, and Sideshow is bringing you more LOTR statues based on the movie, so check out our Lord of the Rings gallery!

Spider-Man 3 is going to rock theaters this summer, so Sideshow's getting in on the action. Look at the Spider-Man and Venom product in our Spider-Man 3 gallery!

There's more to Marvel than Spidey, though, so Sideshow is brining Marvel busts and statues to a shelf near you in 2007. Check out our Marvel gallery!

Sideshow has a lot more in store for you, with movie properties, KISS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy... the list keeps going on. Do yourself a favor and just head to our Miscellaneous gallery!

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